Memories are made of these

Parlour Songs is a unique collection of TV programmes celebrating the songs we used to sing at parties and everyone over seventy will recognise and love them.

They are the keys to unlocking a buried treasure chest of memories. Watch them, sing along with them, talk about them and relive those cherished memories, together.

If someone you love has memory problems and you're struggling to start conversations, this is for you and for them.

Stream the first programme in the series for free

Remember 'The Kerry Dances', 'Phil the Fluter's Ball', 'Danny Boy'? These songs and many more are all here for you in a unique collection of ten TV Programmes recorded in Churchtown House, Dublin, Ireland.

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Presented by RTE's Helen Curran

Helen Curran RTE presenter

"I remember when we were small there were wonderful sing-song parties in our house. All our aunts and uncles would gather in the sitting room and everyone would be called on for their party-piece. Of course, we were meant to be in bed, but we hid on the stairs and watched all the fun from there. Presenting these shows was like a trip down memory lane for me and all the faces and fun came flooding back".

The residents really enjoyed watching the videos. It was wonderful to see them open up and smile as they chatted about the songs afterwards.

Tom Greene, Activities Co-ordinator, Elm Hall Nursing Home.

Dad was always involved in amateur musical societies. These shows take him right back there and it’s great to hear the stories he tells about the craic they used to have

Helen Ryan, Balbriggan.

Our mam struggles with her memory but she can remember the words to all these songs. They’re a connection to her past and it’s great to be able to help her remember things

Eileen Fox, Limerick.

Remember when they loved that song?
So will they.

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